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Amazing! 360 Panoramic Camera
What is a 360 Panoramic Camera? Unlike the conventional cameras, adapting a fisheye lens a 360 panoramic camara grants user a full 360° view without any blind spot at all times using a single camera.

Panoview Industrial Co. Ltd. as the first developer and supplier of the panoramic camera has produced a serial of panoramic cameras for special purposes. They have the ability to monitor and record spaces up to 256 square meters (equivalent to 2750 square feet) in size such as retail storefronts, porches, offices, buses and etc. In other words, user will be able to monitor his/her property in all directions and have a clear and precise view of the entire region with just 1 camera.

What worths mentioning is that these cameras have adopted the network/wifi technology. It works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and laptops. User can monitor his/her property wherever and whenever necessary.

Worrying about the complications in installation? These panoramic cameras do away the costly DVR, Hard-drives and multiple meters of wirings; they are also designed to be easy-to-install at DIY level. Along with the panoramic camera, it comes with a software CD & a how-to for dummies. Yes, that's it, just plug-and-play!

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